Monday, February 21, 2011

Anybody wanna join adult vocal class ??

Dari semlm tgk iklan adult vocal class kat my blog..menarik kan esp to those yang mmg berminat ngan bidang seni..'s RM65 instead of RM188 for Adult Vocal Class with Cikgu Siti Hajar of Akademi Fantasia [65% OFF]...menarik those yang berminat leh la click kat webpage ni..dia ada limit up to when they open this offer..time me published this..ada 5 hari lagi tuk offer 65% off korang2 yang berminat apa this webpage and sign up with yr FB login and buy the package kat page tu gak...mcm senang je skrg kan as everything be done on the net wit trusted website kan..

and below antara syarat2 nya..
- Unlimited purchase of vouchers but limited to only one redemption per person i.e. one vocal class session per individual
- Redemption period: 1 March 2011 - 30 June 2011
- Classes available on Thursday, Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-6pm respectively
- Only for adults aged 18 and above
- Contact Studio Vokal Siti Hajar directly at or 014 338 2112 to schedule for a session

and syarat2 lain as i said earlier korang kena la baca la kat webpage ni ek..and rajin2 check the website for more tulis ni secara ringkas je hehehehe :P

so..those berminat apa lagi..sign up..and take the challenge..

Good Luck guys!!

err..milk a deal ni mmg iklan mcm2..those with discounted price..antara rajin n tak je click kat advert from nuffnang tu...and tadi selain dr iklan vokal wit cikgu siti hajar ni..ada lagi satu iklan RM6 instead of RM14 for authentic Penang Assam Laksa and Any Drink at Sbread, The Gardens as featured in THE STAR [57% OFF]...menarikkkkk...nak tau apa kat webpage ni okehhhhh..

so skrg..kena rajin2 la click advert milk a deal kalau nak tau wat they deal tuh..

happy clicking guys!!

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