Friday, July 29, 2011

Am Glad..Its Friday :)

Happy friday to all..

Am so much happy coz it's friday..and it's pre weekend...and i may get full rest on saturday and sunday..lega sgt after working for a week....coz..coz..the surroundings make me feel tired..

Am so much happy coz away from tiring surroundings in the??...its too much expected when i know nothing abt it and how they generate everythg....and that's not fair enough i guess...and i'm always trying my very best to understand and learned even these errr are too much in expecting somethg on the outcome..a lil bit stress i guess..those who knows these story..sure paham how i feel kan huk huk

And..quite sad with the surroundings too but no matter what i may put tat aside coz those err is not worth to let them to ruin my mind and my day.. ** seriously tak pernah jumpa org yg berkwn ikut pangkat sahaja sepanjang my almost 15years of working experience..duhhhh ** matter wat..i'll survive..insya hoping for somethg better each day.. **amin...**

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