Friday, December 16, 2011

Prince William, Kate to visit M'sia next year :) kan...prince yg hensem n princess yg cantik bakal ke malaysia next year..err rasa2 depa dtg klcc tak ek keh keh..

cemana ai tahu abt this...meh baca berita kat bawah ni sumber dari New Straits Times on 15Dec2011..and it says..

Malaysia and Singapore will feature on the travel itinerary of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton when the British royal family embark on a global tour next year.

The tour is part of the celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth's 60th year on the throne, Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday.
Besides Malaysia and Singapore, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also travel to the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.

Senior royals will visit every realm where the Queen is head of state and visit other major countries in the Commonwealth.

The Queen will go on a tour of Britain, starting in London in March before visiting every region across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in the next few months.

Heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will visit Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

His youngest son Prince Harry will go to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

So apa lagi..meh reramai tunggu this lovely kapel next year :P

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