Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bebelan 10/366 - Cuppies?? Fruit Tarts??

Hai uols...wanna order the above cuppies or Fruit tarts or cheese tarts at your own deco?? uols leh order kat FB my aunty EsMade and view any other cuppies or cakes or tarts at my aunt's FB..

For cuppies..price range between RM2-RM3 depending on the deco uols nak...and the fruit tarts yg dalam pic atas ni harganya RM30 for 50pieces..

So to those yang rasa nak order...click EsMade link and order kat FB EsMade...as easy as ABC kan..wit reasonable price jugak.. :)

p/s : maksu i dah promo ni...will call u to confirm for 100cuppies as i told u before for April2012 ok :)

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