Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Damaikan Jiwa Ini..

Ntah apa2 je kan tajuk ekekekeke..tapi siyes tgk all these photos mmg leh mendamai kan jiwa n hati yang tgh marah..lately am stress dgn memacam termasuk la ngan org yg hati kering yang tak reti appreciate org lain..pastu selsema..pastu mmg nak naik angin je skrg even bendera jepun lambat lagi..these ppl make me sick to the max..but luckily bila i got these pics dr gang ada2aje in my mail.. rasa sejuk je mata jum kita layan all the pics...

Touching the void: Dale Head in the Lake District reaches up towards the clouds on a winter's evening, with Scafell Pike, England's tallest mountain, looming in the distance

Only the lonely: A solitary figure basks in the golden glow of sunset at Burton Bradstock in West Dorset, where iconic cliffs and sweeping beaches mark the gateway to the Jurassic Coast

Blackpool illumination: The Lancashire seaside resort is bathed in pink at twilight as the tide recedes, leaving the famous Tower and North Pier reflected in the miles of muddy sand

Dawn of aquarius: Salcombe, from Snapes Point in Devon, glitters in the morning light while small craft lie at anchor in an estuary that perfectly reflects the deep blue sky

Red sky at night: The summit of Roseberry Topping commands the northern fringe of the North Yorkshire Moors, a lonely sentinel witnessing the going down of the sun

** tapi pic ni besar ni je kat sini hahahah..maybe click kat the pic leh tgk besar skit kot hahaha...maafkan saya yang buta graphic ni ekekekekee...**

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