Monday, January 31, 2011

Cuaca Yang Sejuk..

These few days..hujan..hujan..hujan..pastu cuaca suram jer..sejuk sampai lantai bilik air pon sejuk gilers..bowl tandas pon sejuk haha...basuh tgn pon leh menggigil kesejukan..and the lowest suhu is per yahoo nya data huhu..and kalau offday duk umah je..atas katil berselimut mmg sah tak bgn2 hahaha...kesejukan melampau nama nya tuh huhu

kat PT no water heater..makanya pasrah je la..mandi pagi n ptg dalam kesejukan teramat sgt..pas mandi pakai sweater tuh hahaha...mcm kat oversea je..mcm musim sejuk kat oversea seperti yang pernah di ceritakan oleh kwn2 yg mengalami musim sejuk kat oversea hak hak..

err..week ni mostly kat umah mak..ada water heater yay yay..tak la teruk sgt sejuknya hehehe...and already taken panadol..rasa mcm nak demam la pulak sejuk2 ni isk isk..and nak sleep...ngantuk n penat today..esok lak keje till wednesday..duhhhh...

** to Datin Sri..thanks so much..enjoy yr holidays..and regards to Sis Noni jugak k..**

Monday, January 10, 2011

In Life.. now can call it my home sweet home Paradesa Tropica..officially move in last Thursday..and thanks mom for the bed..sofa..and dining table..that was it..but no pics for that and u ppl are invited to come over to my home sweet home for a drinks..[ a drinks la sebab no dapor to almari dapor and no TV huhu ]..

am glad i have my own sweet home now but tak free ok..i do pay the rent as others ok is not as easy as ABC kay but am glad i've been given a chance to be on my own with supports around me..thanks to those who never stop giving the supports to me..[ u know who u r ok..] and thanks mom n dad even...[ i leave this blank..thats better]..still thanks mom n dad for renting the house to so much glad with this..very2 u both no matter what..

and hurts me a lil bit but i do take it n accept it coz i know ppl come n go..but pls dont repeat it again n again ek..
In cant have both at the same's either u have one n lost another one or vice think twice before making the decision in order not to hurt yourself or others..!!!
[ Just a quote :) ]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Naim's Birthday..and the celebration

It's Naim 12th birthday on 24th December 2010 and he's looking forward for this...Happy Birthday my lil boy...Muhammad Imran Naim..

antara yang hadir for this small celebration..kwn2 sister's family and cucu ustazah naim with his parents..saja je buat kecil-kecilan sebab asalnya tuk family je..and ajak sis sha n abg awie jugak..naim's aunty n uncle..

The foods..ada kuew teow goreng i cooked by myself huhu..then beli domino pizza as it's naim's fav..the cup cakes...and ada sandwich telur kak sha bawak from her house...and all foods habis..alhamdulillah

and the majlis dad baca doa n pastu happy birthday song tuk naim n tiup tak banyak coz mama the very buzy that time huhuhu

this is my sis sha n abg awie..

esoknya bwk naim p curve..tgk wayang..jenjalan n naim nak makan chicken kat as u wish naim...

and this is birthday cake Datin Sri Rozy...she shares same birthdate with Naim..and ni bday cake dia masa celebration kat one of the hotel jalan Kia Peng..Happy Birthday Datin Sri!!~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year to all frens and readers [ tak banyak mana pon readers ekceli haha ]..may 2011 brings happiness ans success to all of u...**cheers**

i leave 2010 which full of sadness..:
been left scolded..been underate..been turn down from ppl around me..they never care but they dictate so much..they never help but they complaining..dunno y but i heard from somewhere..favouritism exist even from your own blood not only from frens...

apart from the sadness...i do have the happiness moments :
went to USS with Naim using my own to celebrate Naim's bday and spending for Naim even "they" never with frens n sis sha..having Naim around as i only have him in me forever n happy when Naim feels happy coz he's the reason for me to move on..

and may 2011..bring happiness to me n Naim even we may stay apart..but will go n see Naim every now n then..coz i love him..may 2011 give me courage to be independent..being alone at my home sweet home Sri Damansara...wit peace of crying alone when am down..hope for the happiness in me always..semoga Allah permudahkan perjalanan hidupku di tahun 2011 dan seterusnya..insya allah..

"When 2010 leave me..i know it's not the end of everything as 2011 may come and bring me another miracles in life..insya allah..**