Monday, January 10, 2011

In Life.. now can call it my home sweet home Paradesa Tropica..officially move in last Thursday..and thanks mom for the bed..sofa..and dining table..that was it..but no pics for that and u ppl are invited to come over to my home sweet home for a drinks..[ a drinks la sebab no dapor to almari dapor and no TV huhu ]..

am glad i have my own sweet home now but tak free ok..i do pay the rent as others ok is not as easy as ABC kay but am glad i've been given a chance to be on my own with supports around me..thanks to those who never stop giving the supports to me..[ u know who u r ok..] and thanks mom n dad even...[ i leave this blank..thats better]..still thanks mom n dad for renting the house to so much glad with this..very2 u both no matter what..

and hurts me a lil bit but i do take it n accept it coz i know ppl come n go..but pls dont repeat it again n again ek..
In cant have both at the same's either u have one n lost another one or vice think twice before making the decision in order not to hurt yourself or others..!!!
[ Just a quote :) ]

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mackenziedoo said...

wow... cantik nyer tempat.. la.. ambik la gambar dalam rumah..hehe.. tahniah sbb dah ada tempat sendiri.. all the best kak~