Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year to all frens and readers [ tak banyak mana pon readers ekceli haha ]..may 2011 brings happiness ans success to all of u...**cheers**

i leave 2010 which full of sadness..:
been left scolded..been underate..been turn down from ppl around me..they never care but they dictate so much..they never help but they complaining..dunno y but i heard from somewhere..favouritism exist even from your own blood not only from frens...

apart from the sadness...i do have the happiness moments :
went to USS with Naim using my own to celebrate Naim's bday and spending for Naim even "they" never with frens n sis sha..having Naim around as i only have him in me forever n happy when Naim feels happy coz he's the reason for me to move on..

and may 2011..bring happiness to me n Naim even we may stay apart..but will go n see Naim every now n then..coz i love him..may 2011 give me courage to be independent..being alone at my home sweet home Sri Damansara...wit peace of crying alone when am down..hope for the happiness in me always..semoga Allah permudahkan perjalanan hidupku di tahun 2011 dan seterusnya..insya allah..

"When 2010 leave me..i know it's not the end of everything as 2011 may come and bring me another miracles in life..insya allah..**

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