Monday, February 6, 2012

Bebelan 37/366 - Frust nyer :(

Was so frustrated..when suddenly my access to the office system been revoked because of one mistake from the previous co. :( ..tatau nak cakap cemana..becos of that nak masuk pc guna my username tak access pon tak boleh..baru je dpt access accounting system now tak boleh access profile totally been deleted from the system..yeah one mistake which affects all :( and am requesting the IT dept to re-instate all my access..

And skrg bila p kerja last week..sedih sebab byk benda tak boleh buat..suppose to check on the monthly expense pon tak boleh..gila stress..errr hope by wednesday these hassles resolved and am able to access the system..really hope taw :(

err..Semalam Prophet Muhammad SAW's birthday..and cuti ganti hari ni..hari isnin..esok la a long holidays kan...saya di kedah since jumaat malam..kazen's wedding di perlis..and will be back to KL either today atau esok..harap tak jem kan :P

to all...enjoy yr holidays and those working..happy workings :)

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