Monday, May 28, 2012

Bebelan 149/366 - An-Nyoung Guesthouse, Korea

Its An-Nyoung Guesthouse located at Hongik University, 504-31, Yeonnam Dong, Mapo Gu, Seoul Korea..there's password to enter the apartment elevator area and our apartment...ala ala cita korea la kan..kena letak passcode bagai baru leh masuk area lift and apartment itself...:) best tau huhuhu...

Kalau nan ado passcode nak masuk..kena la uols tekan bell kat depan tu n kami jwb guna tepon dlm kan pon kita org testing..bajet ala ala drama korea la ekekekeke

This is the kitchen, PC area and 3bed in a room..and it cost us RM857 for 3person tuk 6hari 5's cozy..clean..comfortable and we dont have any problems staying there..ada microwave,fridge,water filter,washing's just like home...**recommended**

and ni lak..dining place..simple and's either lepak kat sofa atau kat sini..leh tgk tv gak dr sini :)

Living room area...nice place and cozy..pejam mata atas sofa pon boleh kikikiki

and this is us..myself,zila and zam with guesthouse owner Mr Jaehun..he's very nice and helpful...and he's friendly too...

If anyone of you going to korea..i would suggest this guesthouse...its confortable..nice and clean..its around 20-30mins walk to nearby MRT station...and there's a family mart nearby the guesthouse..try iced americano there and u'll love this :) and also...the nite at Hongik area is very very happening...wit lots of clubs :)..those love clubbing may enjoy the nite there huhuhu :p


Iza said...


Nak tanya, you stay kat guesthosue ni for 5 malam bertiga bayar RM857, so about RM60 per pax/night? Bilik air dalam bilik or kena share? Insyaallah, saya akan pergi for 2 weeks next Jan '13 so tengah nak carik hostel or guesthouse yg betul2 murah :)



Azie.Fauzi said...

hai iza..

yup..bertiga tuk RM857..bilik air kat there's one room yg bilik air dalam so far ok jer..tak la ada prob sgt sebab we all bgn awal pagi n kuar awal pagi..tak la berebut ngan yg lain..

ada je lagi yg murah tp i tatau how's the cleanliness..

tapi i comfortable enough with this guesthouse..:)