Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's TH Mother's Day Contest!!

Ok people...why i letak pic atas ni and wat's behind the tajuk atas ni...jum baca kat bawah ni jums...[ seken time cuba nasib buat contest kat blog lepas contest WOU huhu]

- the above pic..taken dr blog TH via entry Mother’s Day Contest.
- the above QQ backpack yang cantik ni is May giveaway to those yang put up the stories abt Mother’s Day Contest which applicable only to all bloggers with address in Malaysia .
- cemana nak dpt kan QQ backpack ni??korang p kat blog TH and just put up an entry kat blog korang as wat written dlm blog TH tuh..
- as per written in TH's blog...**The QQ backpack, it has several compartments. Included are a large zippered compartment, outside compartment with overlap closure. This backpack can be worn over 1 arm/shoulder comfortably. and Measurements: 7″x9″x2″. Shoulder strap expand to 42″ **
- kalau korang dapat QQ backpack ni..korang leh guna sendiri atau leh bg kat sesapa as present..kira save gak bajet kan hehe
- and the most important things for those yang nak participate...this Contest ends on Monday (18 May, 2009) at 12 midnight Malaysia Time.
- and will be chosen using

so kawan2 yang ada blog...jum la try mana tau ada rezeki to win the QQ backpack..and good luck to all...


TH said...

thanks for taking part myra :) good luck!

joegrimjow said...

ku pon masuk!!!

Admin T.H said...

find out if you won