Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's The Time To... its the time for me to move stop thinking abt others who dont ever think wat i feel..stop thinking to those who never want to forgive and forget...stop thinking to those who are now throwing me away..far far away as people do says..." when u have nothing nobody needs u anymore...and u will lost everything..." and this is what happen to me..which i have to accept it..and another one thing...somebody did said..." kalau i didnt tell the truth to my family...thing takkan solve..." and dia ada kata.."i takkan cakap benda yg betul pon.." and its not true..i told the truth already to my family..and apa terjadi skrg pon i do tell them...and am lucky walau mcm2 terjadi in my least i know that they loves me..[ yes they dont have to tell me they love me..but i just knew it....]

and yes...i'll move on to be a new life..with those who still care and loves me..insya allah...

Thank to God..who shows me the real truth in life...[ God opens my eye to see the truth in life....]

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