Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Potential spam blog???

Your blog at: http://ceritatentanghidupbaru.blogspot.com/ has been identified as a potential spam blog. To correct this, please request a review by filling out the form at http://www.blogger.com/...........

Your blog will be deleted in 20 days if it isn't reviewed, and your readers will see a warning page during this time. After we receive your request, we'll review your blog and unlock it within two business days. Once we have reviewed and determined your blog is not spam, the blog will be unlocked and the message in your Blogger dashboard will no longer be displayed. If this blog doesn't belong to you, you don't have to do anything, and any other blogs you may have won't be affected.

We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog like yours is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this error. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to bloggers like you instead of to spammers. For more information, please see Blogger Help: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=42577

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The Blogger Team

Huwarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...apa kes neh...grrrrrr...cemana la kena mcm ni isk isk...blog aku baru nak menapak dalam kemalasan...isk isk...napa ek mcm ni..ada sapa2 tau tak napa????duhhhh...kalau kena delete masak laaaaaaa...sayang oo manyak dah entry...and me dah reply pon kat link dia suh reply..nak tunggu dia reply balik azabnya rasa....risau pon yer ni..isk isk isk...cemana neh..uwaaaa....

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{ Miss Syahira } said...


hi. sy dtg dari redmummy.com
urm.. nampaknya kena le tukar url tu.
nampak berat gak masalah ni..
anyway, nice blog :)