Sunday, August 30, 2009

Telepon la..Bila Masih Ada

tgk iklan2 raya kat utube buat me tersentuh...and the above ni paling menyayat hati...masa parents ada y not we always give a call...jenguk....make sure they r ok..bila dah tak will not be the same kan...cuba korang tgk iklan atas ni..sayu je kan..esp bila anak dia pon tak ke?? ** motif kan letak iklan TM ekekekeke...**

for me..yes they r depan mata..cemana pon depa treat me..i know i have to make sure they r ok..and how..ppl dont have to query how..everyone of us have our own way to deal wit it kan..memasing dah dewasa and can think profesionally..

and i do love very much..

p/s...i have this cheese tart..those area usj kalau nak leh call me or my aunty...80sen per piece and min order 6 piece...sedap!!~


Al-Qolamun said...

I love the fact that you remind your readers of such thought. Especially yang TM punye iklan tuh...good ones.

Azie.Fauzi said...

hai dancing...its a reminder to myself and others...there's always a way to keep contact with our parents kan..