Thursday, May 12, 2011

Money That Matters

yuhuuuuu..akhirnya payslip tuk april 2011 pon dah memasing kat opis menggila check..berapa kah API yang tak seberapa itu..check the gaji and the increment..

and again HR or emplyment agency's credibility been me could every single income bila di campur tak sama ngan gross income dalam memasing ada yang kurang RM200..ada yg 100 lebey mine kurang 60..semua cek and complaint..and our TL p kat HR and jumpa the employment agency..owhhhh rupanya salah print..salah print????cemana buat keje sampai salah print ni??where's yr checking before distributing the salary slip??oh my...where's yr credibility huhu...

so bila dah di explain salah print..we manually checked..the gross we counted each items and deduct epf, socso and itax..the nett shud be the same banked in to our bank account..this is to double check sama ada betul ke salah print atau salah masuk gaji.huhu

yeahhhhhhhhhh..akhirnya salah print gross amount kat payslip rupanya..:)

persoalannyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....cemana the employment agency salah print the amount dalam slip gaji ni..its not one dept..its the whole office..and when come to money..we do matters abt it ohkay !!!

so next time...HR..or any employment agency..pls pls pls CHECK YR CALCULATION AT THE SALARY SLIP BEFORE DISTRIBUTING TO YR STAFF OK!!!

yeahhh..its a reminder to all tat ppl would question yr credibility as HR or employment agency :)

end of discussion...everybody agreed and happy with the calculation..:)

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