Saturday, September 26, 2009

Water For Life

Just to share ngan kawan2...u all can see the above pics....its Rx Water which now i do consume everyday..and it helps me a reduce my allergy..and my migraine..and alhamdulillah my health pon better..apart from ibadat yang kita buat hari2..apart from doa least kita berikhtiar tuk diri kita sendiri kan kan..

we do have at home the Rx water filter..and i consume the Rx Xtra to be add to my drinking water...its like normal water yang kita consume cuma this Rx water is known as Aura Healing Water Therapy..

maybe some of u who read my blog dah tau abt this..and dah consume this..and those yang tatau n nak tau can always contact me..and for those yang nak try the also di jual dalam botol like other mineral water..and..those berminat leh call me...

err...this is just a good info from me [ dah lama nak write abt this tapi sik tangguh je..] and i would like to share this with all my beloved frens and readers..Cheers!!

p/s : bersantai di hujung minggu ngan sedara mara...kazens..lepaks n gaming at FB...

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