Saturday, December 5, 2009

thanks anak mama...thanks Naim

and...on my birthday...i received the above simple but nice card...something to remember..its hand written even ada sentence atau ejaan yang salah tapi the tought that counts..

and it's from one and only son...which was given to me the day me balik kerja ari tu...was working during my birthday..

erm..wat can i say when seeing the card..terharu..speechless...he has an effort to buat the card..simple but nice card..just using the test pad paper..color it..and paste a phote of mine n him...that was when we r in Jakarta..Pan Pacific Jakarta..few years back..

thanks anak mama..thanks so much Naim..and tadi kuar tgk New Moon with Naim..and have our late lunch kat Marche..and today's outing sponsored by his dad...kalau his dad terbaca..thanks yer

and Naim...thanks sayang mama...deep down in me..i love u Naim..very much...

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AfdsmkaD said...

epi belated besday :)
may god bless u