Sunday, June 5, 2011

M&m Vote & Win-Routing for Red

halloooooo...jum nak try this contest..senang je..korang vote je character mana yg korang suka and then isi particular korang such as name, add, email add and korang nya HP no then click submit..then there will be a price..below is the term and condition on the contest..[ amik skit2 je la..banyak2 kang pjg lebar lak entry ni hehe ]

- Each Individual can only win one bi-weekly prize from 1 June – 15 June , 16 June – 30 June and 1 July – 15 July
- hadiah tuk above ialah 75 x M&M'S® Dispenser atau 75 x set of 5 M&M’S® Key-rings
- then ada lak 3 grand prize winners di pilih at the end of the promotion period
- those yg menang bi weekly prizez pon layak menang the 3 grand prize
- hadiah the 3 grand prize ni best la skit hehe which is :
3 x UD$1,000 worth of M&M’S® World e-shopping voucher. (Winner to choose items from M&M’S® World website. MARS to purchase and ship in the items selected on behalf of the winner.)

Kira ok la kan..just for fun click and vote..ngisi masa lapang yang skrg agak lapang hahahaha...[ ayat nak sedap n happy kan diri sendiri actually..:) ]

so jum click n vote the above character simple as ABC ..

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