Thursday, June 16, 2011

#TwtUpKaseh on Media.. #ohsem

wow...there's full page coverage on #TwtUpKaseh..tat was #ohsem k..baru je tulis entry abt this #TwtUpKaseh and today as mentioned in twitter there's an article in metro..gegas2 i beli metro nak baca hak hak..guna duit ayah gittew sebab masa p bekpes ngan ayah i dinch bwk my purse ohkay ekekeke.. ** thanks love u la as always..**

so to Ms Aida sue and the gang..kudos...u ppl did a great job..** big applause to uols..**

and esok jgn lupa tau kwn2..esok 17June 9pm at Rasta TTDI ..the organiser will be there collecting anything u would like to give to anak2 yatim...[ refers to my previous entry pls..]

CYA there frens...!!

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