Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Ayah..

i called him ayah..[ proud calling him by this name ]
am proud being the eldest daughter of him..
am proud seeing his success throughout his life..
came from a kampung..di besarkan dalam keadaan yang susah..
yet he managed to be someone in life till he retired...[ yes..someone.. ]
apart of wat happened between us..and at confused of myself..[ the sad story in me ]
i still turn to him..for advice..telling him wat happen to me in my everyday life..abt my work..abt my financial..almost abt everything..[ he is my financial saver n plan..thanks ayah!!]
org kata..anak sulung tu anak ayah..and yes i admit it..mmg anak ayah pon..[ times i do feel confused of myself..dem..]
apa2 mula2 sekali i carik is ayah..and rasanya tak leh hidup tanpa ayah..
walau marah cemana..merajuk the end i'll look for him..
and yes..i do love matter wat he his kelantanese blood is running in me..

to ayah..
selamat hari bapa..

i am sorry for all my wrong doings..

thanks for everything u had given to me..
i do appreciate so very much..

and i love u so much..[ love u too mak..]

[erm..suddenly my tears keep coming down..i dunno y..rasa mcm sentimental gila writing this entry..gosh..!!]

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