Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tribute To A Patriarch

21st June was Father's Day
to be in sync with Mother's Day
for all fathers young and old
to celebrate lo and behold

Ismail Sulaiman a name so grand
as the patriarch of the Sulaiman Clan
the third child of Zainah and Sulaiman
of eleven siblings towing the line

20th September 1920 was earmarked
the birth of a son so clearly marked
as the doting son to his parents
so loving and caring as a parent

His life was very colourful
not that one should be mindful
more ups than downs in his career
to be envied by his peers

Outstanding and bright as a student
leading a life so prudent
not the type of person to complain
coming from a big family,that explained

Starting as an accounts clerk
from rank and file to a chief clerk
climbing up the ladder to ADO
and later becoming a DO

Working in KCS with upmost integrity
hand-in-hand with honesty
making my dad truly respectable
full of scorn if money was put on the table!

As a family man,he was so able
very caring and lovable
a disciplinarian to his children
a no-nonsense character to his brethren

The demise of his loving wife in 1996
saw my dad in a fix
struggling with life on his own
some sort like 'Home Alone'

He missed his wife so dearly
reminiscing their lives together,so clearly
marked as a symbol of TRUE LOVE in his generation
somehow non-existent to some in the younger generation!!

Coping and struggling on his own
lasting for ten years all alone
on 25th October 2006
saw the passing of my dad at eighty-six

Oh God,how I miss him so
My anchor and mentor all in tow
I pray to God,your soul is blessed
together with your deceased family,may you rest

Murizah no.6 Ismail Clan
Danau Villa
23rd June 2009.

P/S :
- The poems above written by my aunty to her beloved father and i loved reading all her poems..nice poems blend with very nice wordings..

- Above is the pics of my beloved grandfather..Mr Ismail Sulaiman..and am so proud being cucu sulung in Ismail's clan..anak sedara pertama to all my auntys n uncles and also kakak sulung to all my siblings and my kazens..and i love being with u all..

-and there's also a pics of 3 ladies that means so much to me..my aunty..Mem Murizah [ the on with the black scarf ] and Mem Mazlifah..and another one is my beloved mother..and they are the 3 daughters of Mr Ismail Sulaiman..the three beautiful ladies i adore so much..

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