Sunday, June 7, 2009

Love to my FAMILY

As at now...

I would like to dedicate the above song to my FAMILY members...[ the above titled Mulanya Cinta from Datuk CT] Mak..Ayah..Ayen..Fithri..Wahida and Naim for being around me from day 1 till now..these people means so much to me even there's a time i do feel down with wat done by them but deep down in my heart..even at times i do feel let out by wat they do...but deep down in me i know that at the end i only have these people in me to keep me alive..

Yes ppl says..kawan2 bergembira mmg ramai..tapi kawan menangis jarang leh jumpa..but with these family members..susah atau senang i know i can count on them later on..

For those family members who reads sorry for any wrong doings done by me all these while and i do love everyone of u so very much..

I'll always be mak n ayah nya anak sulung in the family..and sister to adik2 sampai bebila..and a mom to Naim forever..

**yes..air di cincang takkan putus..and Kak Ja masih berpegang pada pepatah lama itu..**

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