Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Twitter Suspended :( FTW last tweet at 12midnite malaysian time semlm..and tak off pon twitter akaun mcm hari2 yang lain..pepagi try nak tweet..SS suruh authorize akaun..Uber pon sama..twitter for BB pon sama..tried to do everything and still tak boleh..

Sampai tru web..and suddenly it says account suspended but no mails received abt the suspension..FTW kan..mmg berbakul gak la kena maki neh..

Send email to twitter support..request their explanation on the account suspension..and need them to release my account,my followers n following ASAP..tapi lama mana depa nak take action :(

to create new account..??arghhhh then need to get back the followers n followings..tak ke azab.. :(

ada sesiapa penah kena mcm ni tak???pls advise me pls..kinda sad..why my account..uwaaaaaa

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