Thursday, November 24, 2011

This is dabel sad

owh y la..everythg went wrong pagi ni..memula my twitter been suspended...then terasa hati lak.. twitter is the place where i shouted suka hati...merapu suka hati...getting latest info..reading frens' shout..while having emails from group/groups i subscribe is where i read the peeps chatting n smile alone when it come to jokes..getting info too and sharing news or jokes or any doubtful issues..

i do be there time to time actually..especially lately when no works in the office..and i be at both places sekerap mungkin lately sebab tadak keje sgt neh..its not because one thing happen and i be there so sudden.. and now terasa nak menangis sangat2 and making myself to make decision withdrawing my just happy being wit uols..reading the chats..jumpa some of u..happy dpt many info dr korang..mcm2 email..even iklan pon ada but still baca gak tuh...cuma jodoh kita tak panjang kot kat sini..i do love korang semua..korang tetap kwn terbaik for me..

am hereby..xxxxxxxxxx...apa2 jemputan tu jgn lupa send me an email to my personal mail tu ek..atau uols leh lanting email kat my FB atau tegur2 ai kat fb yer.. thanks uols...**sebak pon ada wit wat happened..**

Bday eve :)

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